Sean Hill is a Christian songwriter and Christian Music Producer from Atlanta, GA.  Sean operates primarily out of a home studio called Uphill Studios.

Sean grew up in a musician's home as his father, Tony, is a working guitar player.  Drums, bass, guitars, keys, and recording were all a part of Sean's upbringing as he was exposed to the musings of his dad's profession.  Naturally, Sean, began to take interest in music and began learning various instruments, writing songs, and playing in several bands.  It wasn't long before Sean was serving weekly at his church playing drums and being exposed to the modern worship movement of the late 90s, early 2000s.  From there Sean continued to serve in church, play in bands, write music, and record as a hobby while he finished his schooling at Georgia State University.

Several years after graduating college, Sean and his wife, Crystal, felt the overwhelming call to open a studio that would be a safe place for Christian artists to come and create.  In early 2011, Uphill Studios was born.  Immediately artists from all of the world began traveling many miles to come record.  Sean felt strongly from the beginning that his life's work would be dedicated to God, as God had called him.

Since that time, Sean has continued to faithfully produce Christian artists in their home-based studio in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA.

Sean and his wife have three daughters; Rylynn, Paisley, and Morgan, and serve weekly in their local church.